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In-Person Courses

At this point in time,, LLC, classes are being offered only via religious institutions who sponsor a course or a series of courses.  A long term study program is also available in addition to the general topic of interest classes.  Each topic button on the right side of the web screen represents and details a different area of course study.  Only those which are designated as currently being under construction are not available at this point in time.
Short one or two session classes are being offered in the following areas:

  • Kabbalah through Basic Hebrew Words
  • Kabbalah through Torah Grammar
  • Kabbalah through Midrash and Baal Shem Tov
  • Kabbalah through “Yin and Yang” Torah Style
  • Kabbalah through the Hebrew Letters and Vowels

Short courses use: 

  • English transliterations to represent the original Hebrew words,
  • English translations of the Torah text to illustrate yin and yang principles
  • English representations of the Hebrew letters and vowels alongside the Hebrew

Longer session classes are being offered in the following areas:

  • Basic Hebrew Letter and Vowel Study (most often a six week course)
  • Online Midrash Text Study Course with Seminar (three lessons at a time)
  • Baal Shem Tov Text Study is included in the Online Midrash course

Please contact if you wish to invite Rabbi Monty Eliasov to present any of the topics taught through the website at your institution or house of worship.

Thank you for your interest in this approach to the ancient study of Kabbalah!