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Hebrew Yin and Yang

So what is “KabblaHebrew Yin and Yang”?, LLC, demonstrates on various grammatical, linguistic and keyword levels that many of the early Rabbis called the Tana’im were aware of the essential balance of masculine and feminine aspects of Creation. They saw this in the Torah herself and then taught these insights through what would later become know as the Midrash and Talmud.

Eventually these teachings morphed into what we know today as “The Ten Sephirot.” However, even though this process took these teachings into new and more complex directions, the pure teachings still remain the original ones and they can be traced directly to the Torah, her language, and to various Midrashim throughout Jewish literature.

Of course, the Rabbis did not use the terminology of “yin” or “yang” but they got those concepts because the essential balance of nature was found in the original culture of the People of the Torah who believed that “God is One”.

Taking a class in this topic is the best way to acquire this amazing way of seeing Torah.

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