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Baby Namings

Baby Naming Ceremonies, Baby Welcoming Ceremonies, Baby Covenant Ceremonies

Having been blessed with weddings, Rabbi Monty is also often asked to conduct ceremonies to welcome Baby into the world and into the community of family and friends. Usually a Hebrew name is given by the parents and recorded in a beautiful certificate for safeguarding. Grandparents are often keen to be part of the ceremony in one way or another.

Some families have made a decision to have any circumcision performed at the hospital or, more rarely, to not have circumcision at all. In either case, Rabbi Monty, together with his guitar, crafts a ceremony which honors the decision of your family, and one which creates a joyous atmosphere of celebration.

The Baby Welcoming ceremony was originally a Sephardic tradition called “Simhat ha-Bat” or “rejoicing the daughter” to honor the Baby Girl and at which special songs were recited and a Hebrew name given and explained.

That ceremony soon morphed into a ceremony for a Baby Boy where there was no Brit Milah or traditional circumcision performed at the home on or after the 8th day.

In the newer ceremonies, the date can be set for when both family and friends are able to attend and share in the new family’s special joy. Rabbi Monty always sends a fully written script to the parents for their review prior to the actual ceremony.

If you wish to ask Rabbi Monty questions about any of these creative ceremonies, please email Contact Rabbi Monty.