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End of Life Rituals

Hospice Visits, Memorial Services, Burial Ceremonies, Affirmation of Cremation

Many Jews or Jewish interfaith families are not affiliated with any synagogue. So when a loss occurs in a family many are themselves often at a loss to locate Rabbinic support in their time of grief.

Rabbi Monty can fill this void with his gentle and flexible approach to both funerals and memorial services. In addition, he offers alternative ceremonies for those whose loved ones have chosen a cremation instead of the traditional burial.

Rabbi Monty can also arrange a Shiva’ Minyan service in addition to or in place of the Memorial Service. This service for family and friends connects us with the Ilu’i Neshamah or passage of the soul of ones beloved departed.

Rabbi Monty also uses his guitar in leading songs of healing and comfort, of wisdom and reflection during the Shiv’a Minyan or as part of any Memorial Service.

If you wish to engine further regarding Memorial Services, Shiva’ Minyans, or Burial Ceremonies, contact Rabbi Monty.